IBM champion ! What does that mean ?

Now that the blogs are full with gratitude of being nominated to be IBM Champion it make me wonder what does that mean for the person that gets that title? And after reading about who was nominated it come clear to me that is nothing more then groups of people that voted for each other year and year. Some way of telling each other that they are valuable resource to there inner circle of the world of IT , Don´t get me wrong , they are probably detected hard working individual that deserve to be nominated even if some of them have not worked with IBM solution at all for some time ( to my knowledge ) so here comes my dilemma  Why does it say “IBM Champion ?” Should it be named “ IT Champion ” as many of you are working with and shearing IT stuff that is not IBM related. I don´t know but its an idea. IT champ can work with frameworks that is usable to Bluemix but is has noting to do with IBM other then its there product.right ?

Your thoughts !



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