MWLUG Recap and the future of Notes/Domino

After reading blog for last few months and seeing the new post from him I agree with his analysis with the direction RPD.

“Everything that we heard from IBM, Business Partners, and other companies using Notes confirmed our belief that we are heading in the right direction.

But here is my thought on the new platforms that we are going to endure next 5 years.

With all the rapid changes we see in the JavaScript framework places. We are not going to see a web app with lifespan that will have more than 2 – 3 years maybe less. Developers are going to have 3 -6 years lifespan and the turnaround is going to be higher in IT DEV.  We see that now.

My workplace today has gone from Domino to O365 and with it we are in the early 2003 – 2005 ” in the way we work”.  We are back to excel on share drives for simple things. Confluence is doing things that it can´t handle and was not made to handle like vacation request. We use Jira for helpdesk and that works very well. Our 20 years old CRM is going to be replaced by SugarCRM.  O365 Email is dead slow and not dependable.

But whats next for Domino ? Will it just die and go away ? Maybe we could see a Open Source Domino/Notes. Would it be great if we could install it on SAN  like Synology SAN box ( Am currently  looking into that maybe its possible now )  Synology is open source and you can get it

Things are not as simple now a days



Xpages:getDocumentByKey in viewentry

Am doing some Search by key that works fine , now am looking to export to excel , found this code (Nathan code, thanks) and my attempt to make it work with Key is not working

I have added getFirst after getDocumentByKey but no luck , am getting a blank screen , anyone see whats wrong with this code ?

<!–?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?>
<xp:view xmlns:xp=”; rendered=”false”>
var writer = facesContext.getResponseWriter();
var response = exCon.getResponse();
var viewNav:NotesViewNavigator = database.getView(‘TreeContent’).createViewNav();
var searchKey = context.getUrlParameter(“searchVariable”);
var viewEnt:NotesViewEntry = viewNav.getDocumentByKey(SearchKey,true);
var output:string = “”;
while (viewEnt != null) {
output += “<tr>”;
for (var x in viewEnt.getColumnValues()) {
output += “<td>” + x + “</td>”
output += “</tr>”;
viewEnt = viewNav.getNext(viewEnt);
facesContext.getExternalContext().getResponse().setHeader(“Content-disposition”, “attachment; filename=projects.xls”);
facesContext.getExternalContext().getResponse().setHeader(“Cache-Control”, “no-cache”);
facesContext.getResponseWriter().write(“<table><thead><tr><td><b>Project</b></td><td><b>Estimate ( Hours )</b></td><td><b>Developer</b></td><td><b>Estimate ( Budget )</b></td></tr></thead>”+output+”</table>”);

Xpages and cache issues. How do you do this ?

Hi Everyone and happy easter.

I like to ask the hardcore xpages developers how they handle the cache issues . Am working on 3 – 4 different servers at any given day and some of the servers i can´t stop the HTTP to clean out the cache so i have to take the work to my local server and then send the template to have the admin deploy it. (Pain) . So how do you  handle this ? any pointers ?

Xpages – (@DbLookup Help !)

i have been using this code to get information from names.nsf

T1:=@DbLookup(“”;”server”:”Names.NSF”;”People”; @Name([CN];Name);”Manager”);


now using Xapges i converted this to this code

db = @Subset(@DbName(),1),”names.nsf”;
User = session.getCommonUserName();
server = session.getServerName();
result = @DbLookup(“”:””;server:db;”$VIMPeople”;User;”Department”;””);
return result

but am not getting anythink back , anyone see why ?