Turning off Notes and Office 365 On

As of next Thursday we will be putting Notes to Rest as are main email system and turning on Office 365. Nyherji  ( IBM BP ) in Iceland has had long history using Domino / Notes software.

So it going to be interesting to see how Office 365 is going to be as we have been spoiled by using a great email system. Last time the email system was of line unscheduled was 2006.



Everyone is laughing at IBM Verse

Am speechless , I totally out of words. Does IBM really think that this is going to move people of other free email systems to IBM Verse with these limitations.
I can see now how they are creating architecture that help you unclutter your inbox, you only have 25 email to send per day, well if that does not unclutter your inbox nothing will. And why would someone want to move to Verse with these kinda restriction when other give them much more ?
  1. Send mail containing up to 10 recipients per email. you did mean 100 per email ?
  2. Send up to 25 emails in a 24 hour period. you did mean 100 per day? 
  3. Send mail messages up to 100MB in size. this is fine
  4. Have a mailbox quota of 500 MB. Why not 2 gb ?

IBM has taken the http://support.ibmverse.com/ offline. I wonder why ? Are they embarrassed ? Well am not going to try anytime soon to sell this until they line up with what others are doing. Lets see what they are going to do next.

When they announced the name of the product someone at my work said ” it could be verse” it just got there.


Leaving IBM Notes arena

Well am at a crossroads right now , I have been in software consultant and development for Nyherji near 6 years but my Notes history goes far longer , around 15 years. But last year I toke over from my brother as sales consultant  and corporate account for large companies here at Nyherji.  My brother was at that time fighting cancer and was going on sick leave Oct 2013 to get better. He past away 14 feb 2014 and I have stayed in his job and i have had less and less time for my previous job function.

So I have decided to focus on the current job and get more into VMware , Xserver , Lenovo sales plus other products that fall into corporate account sales. I still have the burning desire to develop and read a lot of planet lotus blogs with great interest. But as all of you  knows the Notes “World” is getting smaller and smaller by every day and there is only so many hours in the day to do both.

Thank You for your help in the past and inspiring me to do better:   Brad Balassaitis , Fredrik Norling , Mark Leusink , Jesse Gallagher, Karl-Henry Martinsson, John Jardin , Mark Roden , Jeremy Hodge, David Leedy , Michael Marcavage , Bruce Elgort , Tim Pistor , Carl Tyler.

Thanks for your friendship and I will keep up with you on your blogs.

Special thanks goes to Jake Howlett , You have been my mentor and i have learn so much from you in my early days of Notes.

Marry Xmas to you and your family

Administrators : Please advice

I have been asked about administrating 240 Notes users with Sametime support and 40 Customs Apps.

4 server total. Sametime , App server , 2 mail server (second Failover server )

Kindly give me your feedback . i know there are other factors and the admin does not need to develop any apps.  Basic domino admin.

You can try but can´t buy #IBMConnections

You can go and sign up for 60 day trail. But you can´t buy it


While Office365 ( and it not the same as IBM connection by any means ) you can buy it for Home and Companies anywhere, Anywhere. did I say you can buy Office365 anywhere.

they say ” try one of the options ” there is only one option  ?

the link takes you to this site totally confusing the customer but it should have taken you to this site



Regarding – how to fix IBM

“How to fix IBM” Please read this before you keep reading.

I have for so many years talk about IBM lack of educational support. Its not hard to imagine where would we be with some of the IBM Portfolio if they had try it 10 years ago.  Its hard to do business with IBM. They want to have it hard for people if not then they would do something about it right ?

Mr Cringely is spot in many areas like when he said.

“Under Sam’s leadership IBM began to cut quality, cut corners, and under-deliver on its commitments.  IBM squeezed every penny out of every deal without regard to the impact it would have on customers.”

IBM should have strong educational program offing Cloud solution to schools and non profits. It will increase the knowledge and inspire people when they come to the workplace.  Minimum training for the companies is a huge plus. This is what the competitor is doing. They should also supply Images for quick setup in VM or hyper-v. 

When MS bought Skype I wrote about how smart that was, why was it smart ? well they have brought there customers a tool to connect to each other  its called collaborating.  IBM should had stepped up and made external sametime user license like we have in IBM Connections external users, witch is btw a huge selling point.

If you like to see what Microsoft is doing in the future then see what IBM is doing today but that is changing FAST.  IBM WAKE UP. Don´t do what Nokia and Blackberry did.

“Sometime soon one of IBM’s competitors will implement a serious Continuous Quality Improvement program. When that happens, IBM will be toast”

Today in IBM “Respect for the individual” is dead.  So is “Superlative customer service.”  Every decision made by IBM for the last 10 years has been to find ways to spend nothing, do as little as possible, and get to $20 EPS.  IBM’s workforce is operating in survival mode. 

IBM needs to rethink there future path and think differently. Get younger people to the top level today. Ask the users.

IBM This is you today >> Link

Whats your pinon ? Tell me

Get more involved in the XPages community

Before i start , i have a confession to make , Am a  fan no 1 on Notesin9 and it has help me a lot in my Xpages “want to be a expert” journey. Am also a big fan of David Leedy,  he has helped me out few time when i have some issues and i proud to call him my friend.   He has a great notesin9 video  and he talks about how to get more involved in the XPages community.  And his message in the video,  just ask and if you know the answer  then answer. Blog about the success or failure you have and someone will be able to help you out or your blogging helps someone else out.

I was looking for solution when i saw his video and instead of sending emails to my friends in Germany and USA (you know who you are) or hooking up with “you” on Skype. I decided to sign up for Stack overflow and ask the question there. My very first question on stack overflow  so if you know anything about standby dialog then please post you answer there.

Great video David , I love the fileVault , looks great . Love to see a fileVault custom control !!  .  In Sept I will start a Xpages Project to create a simple CRM based on Xpages and Bootstrap. I looking forward to see this project come to live.


and I aim to give this away on openntf when its done. With help from the community this will be possible.

Getting Total Value from View column

Am Puzzled, So I looking to you guys , Here is what am trying to do.

Getting Total amount  from a flat view with one Column that keeps Total Sales of many documents.

Getting Total sale into a XPages form using computedField

I have tried this

var key = viewRow.getColumnValue(“Totalsale”);
var lookup = @DbLookup(@DbName(), “MyTotelSale”, key, 12);
return lookup

and from Notesin9 from my friend David. His solution is based on Key and its works like a charm where i use a KEY. but not in this case.

var cView:NotesView = database.getView(“vOrders”);
var nav:NotesViewNavigator = cView.createViewNav();

// Since you can’t do ‘getCategory’ – find the first doc and backup 1
var entry:NotesViewEntry = cView.getEntryByKey(sessionScope.get(“key”));
entry = nav.getPrev(entry);
if (entry == null) {
// Nothing to Do
else {
return entry.getColumnValues()[2];

Any idea how to get this value ?

 UPDATE – David Leedy got hold of me and we did a short gotomeeting so he could see the issue  ( my post was not clear , writing this just before the game)  and he came up with a solution

Am not using repeat but this works . by using getlast() I was able to get the total Value.

THANKS David I really appreciate  your help.

<xp:repeat id=”repeat1″ rows=”30″ var=”rowData”>
<xp:this.value><![CDATA[#{javascript:var myView:NotesView = database.getView(“byUnique”);
var nav:NotesViewNavigator = myView.createViewNav();
var entry:NotesViewEntry = nav.getLast();
return entry.getColumnValues()}]]></xp:this.value>
<xp:text escape=”true” id=”computedField1″


I change this to be

var myView:NotesView = database.getView(“MySalesTotal”);
var nav:NotesViewNavigator = myView.createViewNav();
var entry:NotesViewEntry = nav.getLast();
return entry.getColumnValues()[12];


congrats to Germany 🙂 Great game