Developers Entitlement Announced!! Joke of the month

Ed Brill announced that in Q3 there will be a Domino server licensing entitlement for developers. Please raise your hand if you have asked for this last 10 year ! yep I can see lots of hands raised , But why now ?   IMOP this is about 10 years to late. If you have certification as a Domino developer then you should have had Developers Entitlement to use Domino as many as you like to make all the apps that you can build. period. And the Notes designer should have been free from 2000. while we are at it ,, then using Notes mail / Domino server  should have been free to use in every education institute in the world.  IBM should have funded classes to get more Domino developer on board.

Am Sorry Paul but IBM are NOT listening and have not for long time. Everyone is moving to different platform and soon we will see more and more countries IBM Notes Free.

And with The Big blue business technology giant posted its ( I believe its ) 22th consecutive quarter of declining revenue tells me that someone is steering the ship in the wrong direction.


5 thoughts on “Developers Entitlement Announced!! Joke of the month

  1. I’ve already moved on, as have most of the Notes/Domino developers I know. Such a loss talent… So what if Notes/Domino contracts were not always bringing in millions of dollars in revenues! IBM probably could have used Notes as the foot in the door in most of the fortune 1000 if they wanted to make their millions. Following Palmi’s suggestions above would have put Notes & Domino into thousands of small and mediums businesses too.

  2. Whilst I can see your point, and I agree this would have been much more beneficial 10+ years ago. Seeing it as a joke is a bit like someone announcing peace in the Middle East and then someone else saying, yeah what a joke, now if they’d agreed peace 50 years ago it would have been useful. I think there are some positives that come from this:
    1. IBM is finally trying something different
    2. Perhaps IBM are less concerned about canibalizing Domino Sales, so this could hopefully be the first of many things they try.

    1. Carl I have tried to compere the two together “peace in the Middle East ” and IBM Licensing policy and i just can´t see it.

      Let try this. If Volvo is having trouble selling there cars and everyone is going for Ford. Witch one would you pick to fix Volvo´s sales:

      A. Give Volvo mechanics world wide free tools to fix the cars
      B. Give buyers incentive to buy, by lowing the price and doing promotions.

      IBM Picks A. and by saying they are finally doing something that is not good enough for this market. I have been in software sales for many years and THIS is not going do jack for the Domino Market. Funeral is over and IBM was not invited .

      1. My point is they finally did something, so yes you can say, well it took you long enough, but you can’t bitch for them finally doing it.

        Regarding Volvo, it’s not all one or the other, good companies do multiple things, it shouldn’t be a single approach.

        Believe me when I agree IBM marketing for Domino has been terrible and the requests from partners and customers has fallen on deaf ears for many many years, IBM has a history of telling companies how they should operate and doesn’t follow their own advice, Exceptional web experiences anyone?

        So my opinion is yep, a good start, now do the rest of it.

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