Low code – No code. VoltMX

I have been trying out the HCL Volt. its simple but again powerful . You can make a complex App in matter of hours. Learning curve is not that bad you really just need to familiarize yourself where things are done in the world of Volt.

From webiste , https://www.techrepublic.com this morning you could read.

” There’s a lot of demand, as Charles Lamanna, Microsoft CVP, Low Code Application Platform, notes: “Over 500 million new apps will be built during the next five years, which is more than all the apps built in the last 40 years.”

The same was true of tools like Access or Lotus Notes, building complex applications from very little code. You didn’t need to be a programmer to solve a problem; all you needed was a familiarity with the tools built into your office suite. Macros and formulae, and features like Visual Basic for Applications, let anyone be a develope”

Am looking forward to try out Volt MX , it could be a start for many new developers.

source : Link

Creating domino Docker image

I have been running Docker on DS1019+ from Synology for while, this one has 16gb memory.  Currently am running  Home assistant to control all my IOT stuff.  Unifi cloud key , Note-Red, Hass-io, and more. Am also running  VM Manager for some various projects.
Ok lets get started , But before you start ,  you need to install Docker on your computer.
Here is my steps to create a image from IBM/Docker site
1. Download Zip file >. https://github.com/IBM/domino-docker
2. Extract it to a folder , lets called it  “Domino11″
3. Then find the Software Folder , that is in the Domino11 folder and add the required software into that folder like , Domino_11.0_Linux_English.tar and Traveler_11.0_Linux_ML.tar, ect
3. Go to Command line on your pc or Mac  and navigate to Domino11 folder
4. Then type. “ ./build.sh domino “  its very imported to add .sh but without it, it will not run or well it did not on my Mac.
You should see the Script being executed and it toke my computer little more then 11 min to complete.
if you like to Copy your image to another place then use this
docker save-o Domino:$home/user/NAMEOFUSER/FOLDER imagename.tar
Make sure its ends with. .tar
so how do you run it and connect to it ?  Don´t know yet. stay tuned.
if you need more info please use this link https://github.com/IBM/domino-docker

HCL Redesigning Templates Project

I have been saying / telling people for long time that Domino Notes need to come with 5 – 10 templates that are great selling point to get companies to join domino. , Please rethink about what you and your team is going to be focusing on. We REALLY don´t need discussions and teamrooms templates. You probably already read Chris Toohey blog and i totally agree with him.  IBM came really close to have a deal with one of the great CRM system back in day to have as a template for companies. It would have been great to see that happen.

With Domino Mobile app out that , BTW works great , we need some Killer templates. Lite version of Mail template and have HCL offer Docker Image with domino and sametime.

One can only dream but then again that’s how is all started.

Developers Entitlement Announced!! Joke of the month

Ed Brill announced that in Q3 there will be a Domino server licensing entitlement for developers. Please raise your hand if you have asked for this last 10 year ! yep I can see lots of hands raised , But why now ?   IMOP this is about 10 years to late. If you have certification as a Domino developer then you should have had Developers Entitlement to use Domino as many as you like to make all the apps that you can build. period. And the Notes designer should have been free from 2000. while we are at it ,, then using Notes mail / Domino server  should have been free to use in every education institute in the world.  IBM should have funded classes to get more Domino developer on board.

Am Sorry Paul but IBM are NOT listening and have not for long time. Everyone is moving to different platform and soon we will see more and more countries IBM Notes Free.

And with The Big blue business technology giant posted its ( I believe its ) 22th consecutive quarter of declining revenue tells me that someone is steering the ship in the wrong direction.

Docker ! interesting concept

After reading blog from Karl-Henry Martinsson , am all in on dockers. Its seams to be the logical step for me.  

Docker for Mac

Docker for Mac is an easy-to-install desktop app for building, debugging and testing Dockerized apps on a Mac. Docker for Mac is a complete development environment deeply integrated with the MacOS Hypervisor framework, networking and filesystem. Docker for Mac is the fastest and most reliable way to run Docker on a Mac.

Going to spend some time on Tutorials. Thanks Karl.

IBM champion ! What does that mean ?

Now that the blogs are full with gratitude of being nominated to be IBM Champion it make me wonder what does that mean for the person that gets that title? And after reading about who was nominated it come clear to me that is nothing more then groups of people that voted for each other year and year. Some way of telling each other that they are valuable resource to there inner circle of the world of IT , Don´t get me wrong , they are probably detected hard working individual that deserve to be nominated even if some of them have not worked with IBM solution at all for some time ( to my knowledge ) so here comes my dilemma  Why does it say “IBM Champion ?” Should it be named “ IT Champion ” as many of you are working with and shearing IT stuff that is not IBM related. I don´t know but its an idea. IT champ can work with frameworks that is usable to Bluemix but is has noting to do with IBM other then its there product.right ?

Your thoughts !


MWLUG Recap and the future of Notes/Domino

After reading blog for last few months and seeing the new post from him I agree with his analysis with the direction RPD.

“Everything that we heard from IBM, Business Partners, and other companies using Notes confirmed our belief that we are heading in the right direction.

But here is my thought on the new platforms that we are going to endure next 5 years.

With all the rapid changes we see in the JavaScript framework places. We are not going to see a web app with lifespan that will have more than 2 – 3 years maybe less. Developers are going to have 3 -6 years lifespan and the turnaround is going to be higher in IT DEV.  We see that now.

My workplace today has gone from Domino to O365 and with it we are in the early 2003 – 2005 ” in the way we work”.  We are back to excel on share drives for simple things. Confluence is doing things that it can´t handle and was not made to handle like vacation request. We use Jira for helpdesk and that works very well. Our 20 years old CRM is going to be replaced by SugarCRM.  O365 Email is dead slow and not dependable.

But whats next for Domino ? Will it just die and go away ? Maybe we could see a Open Source Domino/Notes. Would it be great if we could install it on SAN  like Synology SAN box ( Am currently  looking into that maybe its possible now )  Synology is open source and you can get it xpenology.me

Things are not as simple now a days


Password Reset Tool

I do read PL  few times a week and off and on i visit openntf.org. Today i saw a new app . Created by Martin RolphAdam FosterDavid G Mulvey

From the Website “This database will allow a user to request a token which will be sent by email and enable the user to change their password on the website. This will prevent passwords from being emailed to the user. This can be used for Domino or XPages applications. This can be set up to use the NAB (Name and Address Book) names.nsf or a second Directory Assistance or cascading address book. The user enters their username or their email address and the email address associated with their user profile is used.”

I have not tried this yet but it looks very promising.  Nice job.

Office 365 for 10 $

For 10 $ a month you get the latest, fully installed versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, and Access. You get local copy of the office suite and get the fully installed Office experience on 5 PCs or Macs, 5 tablets and 5 phones (including Windows, Apple®, and Android™ devices).

And for 99 $ you get full year.  Did IBM fall a sleep while this was happening ?